younG EnterpreNeurs In eUropean Schools

 Erasmus + Program
 Five European project schools
 A great team,
 full of energy and enthusiasm
 We have all agreed
 on a great vision of future cooperation
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 younG EnterpreNeurs In eUropean Schools


our team Finishing the „Water“ project and the whole Comenius Programme we have decided to continue in the successful and long-lasting cooperation with our partner schools in a new programme Erasmus +. Due to circumstances only two original schools remained – one from Finland and one from Slovakia. Thanks to our rich international contacts from other projects and activities we have invited new potential partners and a new strong core for the project „GENIUS – younG EnterpreNeurs In eUropean Schools“ was established. These partners are schools from Copenhagen in Denmark, Loviisa in Finland, Chania in Crete, Palermo in Sicily and Gymnázium in Myjava.

The preparations have been quite demanding. The 1st planning meeting was held in Myjava in February 2015, were Slovak and Finnish colleaques took part in person and through the Skype videoconference the other partners, too. During this meeting the topic was set up, the layout was established and consequently our school worked out the whole project documentation.Finally the application was sent to the National Agency and it was approved. From the total 100 we were given 86 points and we ranked among 26% of the accepted projects. With that we have been offered the grant for period from 2015 till 2018. There was nothing but start our project with the full power.

In October 2015 the 1st meeting of the coordinators from all the partner schools took place in Copenhagen. The coordinators are: Yannis Volakakis ( Crete), Monika Stahls (Finland), Eva Krarup Steensen, Maria Rosaria D´Agostino ( Sicily) and Radim Kovařik (Slovakia). During the following 4 days they planned the whole running of the project in details, the schedule of mobilities and other project activities and meetings, individual activities during mobilities, the budget, the way of communication among all the teachers and students involved in the project and all the other details. A really great team has been created, full of energy and enthusiasm and we all have agreed on a nice vision of the future successful cooperation.

Official websites of partner schools are the following ones:


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