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 younG EnterpreNeurs In eUropean Schools

Chania - info

       chania Our student´s first mobility took place in Chania, beautiful  town situated on an island of Crete.  We arrived there on Sunday April 16 th and we were greatly welcomed by the Greek team. Host families  were waiting for our students who were full of anticipations and curiosity. The beautiful, warm weather , sea air and nice people made our stay unforgettable.


       With the help of  our friends from Denmark, Finland,  Crete and Italy we created a hardworking  team  which accomplished many  given demands. First of all, our hosting team introduced us to their town and we got our first sight of this great place.

Then we had a logo contest in order to choose the main logo of the project. The logo  was chosen from 5 presented ideas. Finally,  the Greek´s  logo won the competition. Each team presented its own bussiness idea and then mixed groups discussed it and tried to find possible improvements.  It was a great task and students seemed to  enjoy it and showed  pride in their ideas. Students had the opportunity to  work  at school, and also in the reconstructed modern library which was situated in the Town hall. 

        Our Greek friends showed us their endless hospitability. They took care of us  all day long and prepared an  interesting program. Together we visited many beautiful places such as Knossos the largest archaeological site from the Bronze Age on Crete, the capital city of Crete – Heraklion with its beautiful port and the Aquarium of Crete , which was especially attractive for students where they saw many spieces of fish and other sea creatures.  Also in the olive oil factory Terra Creta the guide explained to us the difficult process of oil production. 

       What is more, we had the opportunity to  experience the atmosphere of Crete. Cretan cuisine was delicious. We had the chance to taste traditional meals and enjoyed them in many local restaurants. Traditional dances enhanced the great atmosphere.  We also met many nice and friendly people. The Orchards full of orange trees were amazing. To pick an  orange  directly from a tree, that was something  that  most of us had never experienced.


        On Saturday April 23 th  we had to say goodbye . We would like to thank the Greek teachers, students, and also the host families for all of their hard work, because we spent a wonderful week in Chania.