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 younG EnterpreNeurs In eUropean Schools


In the week from 2 to 6 October 2017 the fourth meeting of the project Erasmus + "GENIUS – YounG EnterpreNeurs In EUropean Schools" was held in Palermo, Italy.

The partner schools of Copenhagen from Denmark, Loviisa from Finland, Chania from Crete, Palermo from Sicily and Myjava from Slovakia, attended the event.

This Erasmus week started the 30th of October, the day after we went to thesea to meet the others students from the other nations. We had a great time all together and it was awesome to meet all this amazing guys.

On Monday we went to school at 9,00, the headmaster of the school gave the welcoming to the students and teachers from each country, then the Italian students did a presentation of Palermo and of the school I.I.S.S Enrico Medi. For this Erasmus week every nation worked on a project, every country had to present their projects and everyone did a great job.

In the afternoon we went to visit Palazzo Dei Normanni and Cappella Palatina and then we went back to home.

On Tuesday in the morning we went to Biddeciʼs cheese farm, we saw how the cheese Is made.

In the afternoon we went to Monte Pellegrino for a 4km walk up on the mountain, In the upper part we saw the Santa Rosaliaʼs sanctuary, later we went to the center of the city for a little bit of free time.

On Wednesday we went to Piazza Della Vergogna or Piazza Pretoria, there is the national library, we went inside and there the mixed groups worked on the projects of each country, while the press group was taking notes about the work that everyone did.

For this Erasmus week in Palermo, each nation worked to a business plan project.

In the first day, of the Erasmus week, each nation presented their projects, in front of the other students and teachers.

Italian idea : The Italian idea was about a typical Sicilian liqueur the Limoncello, which is a liqueur with the     taste of the lemon. The innovative part comes from their idea to make a double bottle which contains a homemade limoncello and a lemon cream which gives you the possibility to have a more tasty and less alcoholic limoncello.

Greek idea : The Greek idea was about a trekking society, by paying a quote this society organizes for you excursions in natural places, with all the equipment that you need for trekking.

Danish idea : The Danish idea was about a credit card with a fingerprint recognition system.

This kind of credit card offers you the possibility to be safer and this card also works in all the markets and stores.

Slovakian idea : The Slovakian idea was about the making of a multi-activity room inside the school.

With this activities you can share your culture, your ideas and make new friends.

Finnish idea : The Finnish idea was about a eco-friendly society, this society gives you the possibility to make customized pet’s houses, all with eco-friendly materials.

In the third day of the week each student worked in mixed groups at the national library, for improve the business plans, while the press group was taking notes of their work.

At the last day of the week each group for each nation had to present their improved business plan.

Italian improvements : Switch to stevia instead of sugar for diabetic people, increasing of the product price to earn more money.

Greek improvements : Extend the destinations in the all world.

Danish improvements : Improve the fingerprint identification system to be safer.

Slovakian improvements : Extend the activities that you can do, to have more people interested.

Finnish improvements : Have more materials to work with.

Later we went to Orto Botanico and we saw different types of plants and trees from all around the world.

On Thursday we went to Segesta, a little country outside Palermo, we visited the ancient temple and the Greek theatre. In the afternoon we went to Scopello and then we returned to Palermo.

On Friday, it was the last day, we went at school at 8F00 every nation worked  again to improve their projects, after each nation did the final presentation, then everyone voted their favourite project to decree a winner. Slovakia won this friendly competition (my congratulations), then we went to a dancing school and we had a lot of fun, after we had free time and then we went back to school for the farawell dinner.

The Erasmus project is always a great experience as a guest and also as a host, Erasmus always gives you the possibility to meet great people from Europe and also gives you the possibility to make new friends.

The Erasmus+ Press Group