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Copenhagen - info

copenhagen Genius, an unforgettable experience In this program, students from five different countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Finland) work on an Erasmus project called “Genius”, which is about entrepreneurship. In every visit, which lasts seven days, each country is represented by six students and two teachers, who have to come up with a business idea. They are then presented to the other students. Afterwards, the students are divided into international groups, which further analyze the ideas previously presented.There is also a PR group that e.g. takes pictures and makes interviews.

Greece was the first country to host while the second meeting in Denmark is in progress. Then follow Finland, Italy and Slovakia respectively. Communication between the students during the project is done in English.

During the visit in Denmark the students have worked further on the business ideas by creating advertisements. In order to gain more experience on how a company is running, a visit to a local licorice factory called Lakrids by Johan Bülow was arranged.

Besides the work students also participates in other activities. Visits to popular landmarks and other must-see places are arranged in order to give the students an insight to foreign cultures. In Denmark we have for example went on a boat trip in Copenhagen and paid a visit to H.C Andersen’s house in Odense. Elena Salibova, a teacher from Slovakia, characteristically said “We went sightseeing with some kind of GPS quiz-which is quite new for me and we can´t wait to spend the next days, either in school, the families or in Copenhagen”.

During the week the students from Denmark have had the chance to host foreign students. Ellen Krieger, a student from Gladsaxe Gymnasium, has been hosting an Italian girl. She says that she loves the concept of Erasmus, but there are difficulties when having a guest from another country, such as the inability to speak proper English. Thomas Krag-Sander, another student from Denmark, has also had the opportunity to host a student from Italy. However, Thomas hasn’t had any problems with communication. Thomas thinks the project is fantastic, because you get to learn about other cultures and their languages.

At the end of the week the host families are invited to join on a dinner with all the students that participate in the Erasmus project. The meaning of the dinner is to showcase what the students have done during the visit. The first two meetings held so far in Greece and Denmark respectively, have been great no matter how you look at it, and we are positive that the next ones will be as amazing.